Residential Architecture

Baroque Group Inc.

Baroque Group is a firm composed of architects, designers, engineers, and project managers, providing full services around the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities. We have over 25 years of experience on both Residential and Commercial construction. 

Over the years, Baroque Group has being working close with developers, investers, custom home builders, and private customers in Ontario, provide them with both architectural and construction administration services.

Some of our residential services includes:

* Custom Homes

* Multi-Residential (Townhouses, Condominiums,

Retirement Homes, Residential Care Facilities etc.)

* Home Renovations and Additions

* Interior Designing
* Planning and Building Permits
* Variance Applications
* Site Planning
* Construction Review
* General Consulting
* 3D Renderings
* Feasibility Studies

Contact us for your next project…

Why us…


Baroque Group is a one stop consultant firm. We will provide our clients with a full quote for the project, including architectural, structural, mechanical, and any other services required.


Our prices are very competitive compared to our competitors, however, our team feel very comfortable our services are superior of our others firms.


Our in house fully licensed architect and our designers will work very close with every customers to explore all the design options, and to design a perfect project.


Baroque Group will tender the project and will work with contractors to make sure all projects are build as per the drawings and the total budget is not exceeded. 

Design Package

At Baroque Group, our team of designer will work closely with every client. We use BIM on all our projects. We offer realistic 3D renderings which is a very powerful mechanism to help the Client visualize the building and also for marketing purposes.


We would use our engineer services so our client won’t have to go around looking for engineers.

Permit Services

We offer full services related to development approvals such as Site Plan Approval, Zoning Certificate, Building Permits, Minor Variance Applications, Conservation and Regional Approvals.


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