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Our Company…

At Baroque Group, our goal is to always provide our clients with superior customer service. From design to construction, our team will offer you impeccable attention to detail and premium service to turn any dreams into reality. Within years of experience working close with the largest builders in Ontario, Baroque Group understand the importance of precision and have built result driven standards to ensure our clients always receive the best results.

Our team knows construction inside and out, within a combined experience of more that 50 years in architecture and construction management. Our firm leaders are members of the OAA (Ontario Association of Architects) Council and a member of the AATO (Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario) to make sure we are always update within all the new code changes, and we can always offer new construction technology and methods.

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Our Services


-Outsourcing Properties.

– Preliminary Zoning Review.

– Budgeting your project.

– Forensic Examination.
– Feasibility study


– Design Development.

– Zoning Certificate.

– Commitment of Adjuments
– 3D Models and Walk Ins.

– Municipal Communications.

– Construction Drawings.

– Building Permits.


– Project Management.

– Weekly Updates.

– Transparent Invoices.

– Quality Control.

– Communication with Inspectors.

– Online scheduling.

Why Hire us…

By having one of our partner being a council for OAA, Baroque Group always offer constructions innovation and the latest design trends. We value our strong reputation to build beneficial partnership with all our trades and suppliers that help us provide our clients the best we can offer. We strongly believe we can offer the best value offer for any project, and we make sure all our invoices are very transparent so our client knows what they are paying for. Our process is very simple, proven and designed to help us consistently meet our goals.

From Location Sourcing to Construction, our team will help you on your next project. Baroque Group will undertake the planning process for your project to a degree that minimizes room for complications. Our firm will design and plan the perfect project to reduce any pricing rigidity that results from working with numerous firms to complete the project.

Our firm will undertake the planning process for your project to a degree that minimizes room for complications. In the case that a complication arises, the different divisions of our firm will work quickly and cohesively to develop a practical, efficient, and non-intrusive solution.

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